Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Germ Experiment

It is that time of year again, and you know what I mean. Not only is it the blessed season of Advent, but it also the season when colds, flu, and other bugs seem to come out of hiding. No one wants to be sick or to have sick kids, so it's time to take preventative measures! (I can say this because we've already been sick.)

My friend Sue is a nurse and her blog has some great, practical tips. One of them is HAND WASHING.

Now, in our home, there are about... five people who are averse to washing their hands regularly. This mama is tired of the refrain, "Did you wash your hands?". . . followed by the dubious, "Let me smell." Yes, I've been reduced to this.

ENTER... the Germ Experiment. (I confess that I read something similar on another blog one time.)

I lined up the children in the kitchen this week and explained to them that they were sick because of germs (very untechnical we are); germs that they couldn't see but which got into their bodies and made them feel awful. I gave each of them a drop of olive oil in their palm and asked them to rub their hands together. Then, I put a small pinch of cinnamon in their hands and asked them to rub them together again. Voila- cinnamon germs all over their hands. (This would have been more effective if I had one shake hands and pass the germs to the next child.) Then, I asked them to wash their hands- with water.

Nothing. Germs remain.

Then, they washed with soap and rubbed their hands while they counted to 10 (I think it's supposed to be 15). Voila- clean hands!

They seemed impressed, though it was so simple. Hopefully, I'll have to say less now that they have a picture in their minds and the memory of their physical discomfort.

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Cara said...

I'll have to try that with the kids! The smell test thing is getting old. :)