Monday, November 29, 2010

Whose Life is This?

These are the words that keep playing in my head: "Whose life is this, anyway?" So many things going on that just seem . . . amazing, incredible, and ridiculous. Here are some of them:

R (7) has been teaching himself how to do back flips on the trampoline. He had this to report to B yesterday: "The other day I got adventurous. The punishment for that ... was landing on my head." Seriously. This kid says the coolest things. (#321)

T (3) strung two measuring cups onto his rope tonight and bounced them up the stairs to show me. I was helping M on the potty (he went; more on that later if you want to know) and listening to R talk about something. In that split second that I wasn't watching. . .  he urinated in the 1/2 cup measure. I looked up just in time to blurt out, "T; stop!" and carefully transport the brimming measuring cup to the potty. What?!

And we are crazy blessed. Who loans you their truck so you can drive to/from work . . . even when you no longer work for them (and instead work two hours away!) . . . and has continued the "loan" for over a year?! (#322)

Can you believe that the government has a loan forgiveness program- for US? If B works for the government for 10 years, his consolidated government loans' outstanding balance will be forgiven. Oh, yeah- and in the meantime, they've adjusted our monthly payments based on his income and our family size. Instead of paying about $1000/month for all of the loans. . . we'll be paying $20. REALLY. INCREDIBLE. (#323)

Who has wonderfully generous relatives that offer their home. . . for a week or two- or three months? That's amazing to me. (#324)

And we have these kids that make us smile. (#325) And radiators that work. (#326) And friends who celebrate with us. (#327) And peppermint hot chocolate (#328) and turkey stock simmering on the stove (#329). We know about healing oils (#330) and JuicePlus (#331) and homeopathy (#332). We have a van to drive (#333). People gift us with clothes- really nice J.Crew and GAP and Loft clothes (#334). We know there will be gifts beneath our Christmas tree (#335) and we know we'll find a tree at our friends' farm (#336) and yet the Greatest Treasure we will celebrate daily (#337). We have enough food to last until payday (#338) and enough to share with others (#339).

Whose life is so crazy-wonderful? Ours.


Asharooski's Ramblings said...

I am inspired to start my own list. Thanks for sharing :)

Asharooski's Ramblings said...

This inspires me to start my own list of thankfulness.