Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First Foods

Little Man started eating "real" food today. We've (I use the plural because no one has yet confessed to giving M his first apple and it wasn't ME) given him slices of apples and diced bananas before, but today I prepared food just for him- finely ground oatmeal for breakfast and carrots for dinner.

At six months, he's been waking at night more frequently and seeming fussier. This has typically happened with all of our babies and even though I still don't know if it is an issue with milk supply or metabolism or just a readiness for food (more calories). . .  I guess I need to just go with it. May the Lord give me wisdom as how to proceed with these children! (The first year is so challenging for me.)

The best part of the whole event is what an event it was. All of the children thought it was as good as Christmas and there was a general hoopla made over M. There were oohs and aaahs over his bib; O took charge of installing the booster seat; L and R procured baby spoons from the little-used cubby in the drawer; T crawled right up, practically in my lap, to get a good view.

M enjoyed banging around on the tray and seemed puzzled by the bib. He is otherwise quite used to the attention made over him. I took his tiny hands and prayed a simple meal prayer before offering the first bites. "OH! So that's how we learned to pray!" the big boys immediately exclaimed.

At dinner, R was calling the pureed carrots "carrot sauce," which made me smile. He had the idea to get the video camera and so he ran to the office to get it and O decided that he would take some pictures, too. Here are some shots of the excitement.

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