Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Uh-Oh

It seems that my gratitude posts continue to start with disclaimers and whining. Very humbling.

In the past month, I've taken M to Orlando, taken the five children on four flights to get to/from Illinois, and then taken M to Richmond. We've orchestrated help from friends to make this possible, and the children have had a most wonderful time.

I'm tuckered out and not looking to plan or take any trips for a good while. (Though I did beg B to let us come with him to Alexandria today, thinking we could learn and see a lot while he has meetings.) We're so far out of the school routine, I'm not sure how to get us going again. We're out of groceries and I'm out of meal plans that sound good to me. Uh-oh... here I go again. Making a list of challenges and wish-nots instead of the litany of praise I intended. Time to change course.

I'm grateful! For:

291) November sunshine
292) Sitting on the front steps, soaking in the sunshine
293) Baby smile around two fingers
294) Nordic blue hat on M
295) Warm Melton at the Drowsy Poet- so yum.
296) Happy boys that smell like (camp fire) smoke
297) M sleeping through church
298) Family doing P90X together
300) RC and lavender diffusing peacefully at bedtime
301) Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom?
302) Boys playing Christmas carols on the piano
303) R tenderly teaching L to play the songs he has already learned
304) Beautiful new necklace, reminding me of my mother
305) Long conversation learning a new friend
306) Grace, covering over all I lack
307) Sharing my bed
308) Greedily devoured clementines
309) Ruffled yellow carpet under the neighbor's maple tree
310) Skateboard/scooter/tricycle races


Jessica Mellema said...

Do the kids do P90X with you? Oh my! Chet and I are 5 weeks in and I can't imagine little ones trying to keep up with crazy Tony!

calli said...

Yes! B and I have done several weeks and on the weekends we all do P90X together. (Though L often says it is too easy, T wanders in and out, O and R take it seriously, and M just watches and laughs at us!)

Cara said...

I haven't gone to that store to look for the necklace yet, but looks like I might not need to anymore? : )