Thursday, September 16, 2010

Skinny Mini

T's pants and shorts are invariably too big around the middle. This isn't ideal, because we don't like our children's underwear to be visible (we aren't cool, I guess). We love adjustable waistbands around here. True, my boys have smaller waists than average. I know, because most of the adjustable waistband is hanging out of their pants. Red elastic hanging out at the hips is not the best look.

The boys also love belts; which is obviously a good thing. They get a lot of use here. Only trouble is, T still needs a bit of help getting his belt all the way around and through the back belt loops. And he has a habit of taking off everything when he uses the restroom- meaning we have to redo the belt each time. Sigh.

Once again this morning, T's hand-me-down shorts were too large. I could see his unders. Before he scampered back upstairs to get his belt, I exclaimed, "T, you're just a Skinny-Mini!"

"Yeah!" he retorted exuberantly (as he always is in the morning.) "I'm a skinny-mini with skin all over me!"

I scooped him onto my lap, chuckling and enjoying his three-ness. Then, it got even better. He gave me a big hug and said, "And you have skin all over, so you're a skinny-mini, too, Mom!"

I love being a skinny-mini with my boys.

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