Thursday, September 16, 2010

ReThinking the Prairie Post

It is too late at night and too long since my "Prairie" post to make an acceptable disclaimer. However, I do want to add that after talking with my judicious (and more rational) husband, I shouldn't have been so hasty to post my strong feelings. I've been governed by feelings too often lately, especially without B around to temper me and ground my idealism with a heavy dash of reality.

He thought Little House was fine. And, he thought it was valuable for the kids in that some characters are negative prototypes. Seeing folly ought spur us to desire wisdom. I concur. So, my previous post was incomplete and should have crossed my editor's desk before appearing on the blog. It would have been much better then.

STILL, I want to add that we DID watch a movie that I thought was excellent for the boys. Last week I brought home MasterPiece Theater's Kidnapped. Wonderful! The boys loved it; B and I were interested and engaged. The plot was thicker and the virtue strong. There was more blood (and I'm not sure what I think about that, even carefully portrayed). . . so maybe my recommendation is Little House for older girls and Kidnapped for my boys.

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Lauren Barnes said...

Thank you for your vulnerability. I was going to say on the first post, that I commend your parenting. What wonderful conversation was sparked from the watching of this film. I am so proud of your children for thinking critically and noticing right and wrong, good and evil. What good preparation for the not-so-prairie-world in which we live.
Bravo, C & B, may you continue to raise such sharp thinkers.