Sunday, September 19, 2010

Notes from Dr. Brown

Went to a wonderful nutrition lecture on Friday night and then another on Saturday morning. Dr. Matt Brown presented powerful information in a fun and persuasive manner. Here are some of my notes from Saturday (Friday night I was pacing with M and didn't take notes). This lecture was "A Message of Hope," mainly about cancer and other diseases.

"It's better to pay your grocer than your doctor."

Nutrition can prevent cancer, and significantly impacts the treatment course and the outcome.

Cancer is highly variable, runs many courses, and is often not fatal. Therefore, it is not a death sentence! (The average life expectancy for a man with prostate cancer that receives NO treatment is 10 years.)

Tissue is the Issue!

"Perhaps 10% of all cancers occur in people who have inherited genes that make them vulnerable." (Robert Weinberg) Weinberg also says (paraphrasing): If we grew thinner, exercised more, avoided diets rich in red meat, ate diets rich in fruits and vegetables. . . we would PREVENT up to 70% of all cancers.

Weinberg's comments fit in with the explanation of epigenetics. You can switch good genes on and bad genes off. This is supported by the WINS study, among others.

A great book to read on an aggressive juicing therapy is A Cancer Therapy by Max Gerson. A really good documentary on the Gerson treatment is called "Dying to have Known."

Other doctors are finding great success with treating cancer with a plant-based diet and exercise. Some of these include Mark Scholz, MD and Dean Ornish.

If an oncologist says "no antioxidents," they really mean that they don't want their patient to consume antioxidents in high dose, isolated form. There is NO controversy about eating color and variety. (JuicePlus+ is color and variety because it is the actual food and not isolated, fragmented vitamins.) Dr. Brown said, "You better eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and protect every healthy cell in your body from that chemo!"

Some powerful anti-cancer foods include: green tea, turmeric, and cumin.

When you think of foods, go from GRAIN to GREEN.

And, as my brain was swimming, Dr. Brown added, "This is more complicated than you thought!"

He is right, and yet I find it so exciting that the answers are often so simple. As more and more people around me have cancer, I'm reassured that God has also given us plants that heal (not always, not for everyone, but generally. . . it is amazing.)

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Alisha said...

I was so sad I wasn't able to come to this-I meant to catch you on Sunday and let you know. I was helping C out with some twin duty. :)Great notes though-thanks for sharing!