Friday, August 20, 2010

And Yet

I'm still working to apply 4:8 thinking. I'm grateful for:

216) The anticipation of a date night tomorrow!
217) My husband's analytical, practical, lawerly mind
218) Tears
219) Long embraces
220) Being found truthful and honorable
221) A boy bringing me water with ice because he could tell I was hot
222) Boys playing piano
223) Baby breath (I've probably said that before, but it's my favorite smell)
224) Shiny new paint
225) The sense of accomplishment of cleaning out and getting rid of things
226) Yummy chocolate fondue. . .on sweet faces
227) Obvious, unchecked excitement of boys- getting ready to camp in the backyard
228) Unexpected connections with people, clearly of the Lord
229) Fresh flavors of salsa with tomatoes from the garden
230) Growing families; how sweet to be an aunt- and again!

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