Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy 3 to T!

What special, wonderful boy this is!

It was such a joy to celebrate your third birthday, T. At dinner, we talked about the things that endear you to us and the ways you have grown and changed in the past year. You have learned to ride the little blue bike. You've become really helpful with taking the recycling downstairs and bringing up toilet paper to stock the bathrooms. You love to help pass out the JuicePlus chewies at meal time (we think you like it because you always give yourself more than two!). You relish your role as big brother to M; calling him your baby, and "isn't he lovely?" and "he has soft baby skin." Sometimes we find you laying on top of M- not sure if it is a snuggle or a little wrestle. You notice letters and numbers, and the ramp turnoff to Daddy's work. "There's your work road, Daddy!" you'll exclaim.

You still suck you first two fingers and like to have your other hand on skin, usually under your shirt (stretching out your shirt necks) or up your shorts! You love to listen to books and you have portions of your favorites memorized. The story of Jesus being arrested in the Garden is your favorite Bible story, and you can flip to it in seconds and say it word for word along with me.

L thinks you are wonderful for playing pretend with her. You two play a lot while Mommy does school with the big boys. (Your play often involves mud.) You also enjoy being rough with your big brothers, wrestling and jumping on the trampoline with them. Daddy and I think you are the strongest boy yet; you have an intense tackle and are a force to be reckoned with! Yet, you also have sincere prayers and heartfelt apologies. You are sensitive to others' needs, always the first to pass things at the table and quick to run to the kitchen to refill others' drinks or retrieve forgotten items. You still say "I love you" more often than anyone else and it breaks your heart if Mommy or Daddy leave without giving you a kiss and a hug goodbye. "Don't go because I'll miss you because I love you!" is one of the things you are known to say.

Oh, we reminisced about your birth and your first joke and and your scrapes and blood. We relished the three year's worth of memories that we have. You have been a blessing to us. We love you SO much, always and forever, no matter what. Happy third birthday, T!

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