Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Way Things Are

People are asking us about our move and our plans. Much as I would like a wonderful, standard answer to give, I don't have one. And I feel it's important to give more of an answer than the cliches that so easily roll off the tongue- if only to avoid mindless chatter.

B starts September 1 in Richmond. He will be living there, but we still don't know where. We can't afford a mortgage payment and rent, so we need to find something as inexpensive as possible. He plans to drive over for the work week and then drive back to Lynchburg for the weekends.

So, the next issue is the vehicle. We only have one, our (gift from God) Honda Odyssey. B can drive it to Richmond and I plan to avail myself of the public bus stop that is near our house. B's current employer has allowed B the use of his truck over the past year when logistics made that desirable. He has generously offered to allow B to take the truck to Richmond. We're still thinking on this.

The house is for sale. It was for sale by owner for a week with only two phone calls and one showing. Then, we listed with a friend of ours who is a realtor. It has been on the market (with Long and Foster) for two weeks with one showing. Tomorrow we have an open house from 2-4 (though we still aren't sure what we will be doing during that time.)

If/when the house sells, we will begin packing in earnest and then we will look for residence in Richmond. Until then, life continues much the same as always, though there is heightened awareness and sensitivity to keeping things tidy. We're also spending more time on home-related activities. B and the boys spent the entire morning spreading mulch and B worked in the yard until well into the afternoon. I've been painting and touching up during nap times and amassing bins of items to yard sale or give away.

And we wait. We know that the Lord is sovereign and we rest in that. Surely, I can believe His Word that He will never give us more than we can bear. When so many of my friends are facing extended periods of time away from their spouse, I feel so grateful that B will only be 2 hours away. It will be a challenging season, no doubt. Yet, B is very excited about his position and I'm looking for the Lord's goodness and faithfulness in this. I expect that I will grow in humble dependence upon Him through the next months. Because we don't know when we'll move, I have not joined any homeschool co-ops or any other groups or activities. This is okay with me, though I admit there is appeal in fellowship and community support while my husband will be absent and I'm trying to manage it all (and nurse the baby!). How grateful I am that we have a wonderful church family.

Please pray with us. The sooner our home sells, the sooner we can be reunited as a family. Nonetheless, even though we would like our home to sell quickly, we also know that any profit can be applied to debt, which is so important to us. We really are looking for a situation where God clearly brings the right buyer at the right time. We don't know who or when that is, so we wait and trust.

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