Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This Week In Photos

Photos from Easter and R's cast (he slipped from a Magnolia tree, but landed on his feet). He'll be in the cast for 3 weeks while his fracture heals. He says it doesn't bother him at all; "it's kind of cool."

We colored LOTS of eggs this year, so everyone could do six or eight of their own design. T's method was a quick plunge in and out of the color and then put the egg into the carton. He colored all of his eggs in record time, and then started over and repeated until everyone else finished.

Lamb cake had a definite tilt by the time the photo was taken. One little piece of the back was held in place with frosting. Kids added jelly beans when I was elsewhere. L chose the flowers to adorn the neck, head, and bum! Everyone agreed, however, that the lamb was delicious this year. (A whole wheat version of my grandmother's recipe, frosted with delicious almond buttercream icing.)

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