Monday, April 12, 2010

Give Up or Work Harder

We're 38 weeks now and I feel sure that this baby will meet us sometime this month. I've been juggling all of life, wearing my mom hat and teacher hat and wife hat and kitchen apron and phone headset. . .

Last week was a busy week of sharing health and building into our wellness community. I love that. It excites me to share wellness with others, to see them making small changes that bring about good things in their families. Yet it takes time.

We didn't accomplish (I'm loathing that word!) much in school last week. I had a migraine one day that turned into a complete wash and the next day I gratefully allowed the children to play while I picked up the pieces. I really hoped to be further along before the baby came so that I could relax into summertime, when we school more flexibly, working through literature and different math books and it takes less time. We also spent six hours on Tuesday at dr. offices (R's cast). . .

I look around and the house isn't as clean and tidy as I would like it to be. I SEE all the nesting projects I'd like to tackle, but am either restrained by finances or time. I'm wondering how to balance things. Even though I am doing less "work" this week, I want to clean up schooling, ready the house, and well, prepare. Can I be mentally prepared for another life? And, of course, in all of this there are character issues rising to the surface and things that need to be dealt with in the children's hearts, and in my own.

Do I work harder, try to accomplish these things? Or throw up my arms and surrender to the chaos? How do I live dependent on Him, relying on His strength and His timing and His GRACE for each of us? The cleaning will always need attended to, the laundry will always be waiting, bellies will need refilling, hearts will need attending, need mercy.

I throw myself on grace today. Lord, give me the grace I need to live. . . SEEING You and praising You.

101. Job opportunity still possible, and yet postponed until July. So thankful I don't have to have a baby AND move!
102. Lilacs. Reminds me of my dad and my Grandma Lamoreux. Fills the house with an incredible April scent.
103. Lettuces and spinach growing in the garden.
104. Gift of compost!
105. One meal in the freezer (God moved a friend to give!).
106. Clean white bedspread (wet again!).
107. Friends who just drop by.
108. Little green cherries.
109. Boys working in the yard.
110. Husband and oldest striding to church together.
111. Hard conversations, humility.
112. Boy's careful handwriting, telling what his mouth resists saying.
113. Joy of new life, God-breathed, in my friend.
114. Schoolwork at the picnic table.
115. New library books poured over.

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