Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The other night O (8), R (6), B, and I did the dishes after Sunday dinner, all working together. I washed, B dried, then he handed dry dishes to O and R, alternately, to be put away. Sunday clean up always seems difficult because I'm tired by then and hurrying to get T and L to rests. To encourage everyone (mostly myself), I urged them that if we could finish before the timer went off there would be treats all around. So we worked quickly.

R was too short to put most things away, so he mostly watched B, O, and I; as well as keeping up his usual chatter. At one point, the boys were waiting for me to finish washing another dish, and I cheerfully exclaimed, "I guess I'm the slow cog in this operation."

O piped right up and said, "No, I think it's me."

R quickly added, "I'm not even a cog in this operation."

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Arinne said...

Rhyle comes up with some good ones. Thanks for sharing your family humor :-)