Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thankful through the Sick and Hard

Last year, after R's surgery, his 10th birthday!

I haven't posted in a good long while, but today was quite a day! (Plus, I've finally given in to Face Book and am how dividing my already limited screen time.)

Tonight, I'm giving thanks...

Last year, G turned one!
For the boy who was up at 12 and 2 throwing up blood. . . that it was (mostly) in the potty. That the sweet boy doesn't complain; even when he is feeling pretty crummy he will say he is "good" when asked. That the doctor thought his vitals were all great and she isn't overly concerned; we can take a wait and see approach and pray that his little body heals inside.

For the little boys who aren't feeling sick anymore. Thankful that the little stomach bug that got them was pretty well kicked out within a day or so. Even the lingering lethargy is rather a nice change of pace. I'm thankful that I get to stay home and snuggle them on the couch and read more books and actually get school done with the olders while the littles watched movies.

For an amazing Monday night with my family, having so much fun at Jumpology. Love, love, love when we are active and playing together! It was a celebration for R's birthday and I'm thankful for that boy who wants us all to have fun together and who pushes me to do the things that deep down, I want to do anyway. Front flips? Okay. Trapeze? Yep. Total silliness- so much fun. Thankful for this amazing body of believers that we are now part of, that offer to help us and make things easier. A wonderful family kept G for us that evening, which made it so much easier on me (though I paid for it all night because he only wanted me to hold him!).

For the craziness of the day when I needed to squeeze in a doctor's appointment, rearrange the piano lessons, have little people help put dinner in the crockpot, and cram in a bit of school, phone calls, laundry, etc. That the children LOVE to help make the dinner (I am thinking I will plan on them taking over). That all the scheduling conflicts worked out, the dinner was yummy, and everyone is in bed now. Special thanks for a special angel-lady named Evie who came early, stayed late, and left me with a counter of clean dishes and a table of clean, folded laundry.

For the almost 2 year old, who hasn't felt completely well since last week and is constantly asking for me to "hold you"- even when I AM holding him. He is asking to nurse much more than normal and begging me to carry him on my hip all day long.  Thankful that I've learned grace in this through the years of these kinds of days. I don't know why he seems to need me more than usual... but what a gift that I can BE available more than usual (or more than I would like!). My selfish heart is revealed (today I literally stared down a couple boys as I said, "I JUST want to go potty. I'll BE right back.") And yet these little ones keep loving, keep asking, forgive and want to be held again. There is sweetness in that.

For the cop pulling me over as I was on my way out with L (9) to get last minute birthday gifts for G (turns 2 tomorrow) and items for our co-op on Thursday. We had a headlight out; The Lawyer and I noticed yesterday and he offered to stop by and get one on his way home tonight. Thankful that the officer was content to take my license for a few minutes and leave me with a warning (mercy!). A good lesson for me to share with my daughter; an opportunity for us to speak of undeserved kindness.

For the boys helping with laundry... even though it means that my favorite sweater is now L's sweater. Glad it can fit someone!

For the computer programs that don't seem to work when I need to create flyers (last week!), because I get to work with The Lawyer and figure out interesting ways to do what needs to be done. Thankful for the amazing data stored on these things, the access to photos, flyers, text... so many tools! And still, there are details to work out for our events, but I'm thankful that this reminds me that they are totally in the Lord's hands anyway.

For my weakness. I was about to cry at 8 pm when L and I pulled out of the driveway. Feeling exhausted emotionally from carrying around G, helping my little people, going to the doctor, orchestrating so many things while my phone beeps at me and timers are going off around me... knowing that I needed to finish these flyers and bake a cake and wrap presents (and how did this sneak up on me?!) and prepare for our co-op and and and and and. In my weakness, I get more of Christ, because I cry out "Jesus!" and I look for him and I beseech him to inhabit my praise and make something out of all this. And He is faithful. I don't see the beauty tonight, but I'm trusting the faithfulness that will cause the sun to rise again tomorrow.

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robin schmitt said...

I love reading your blog, Calli. You are so real and so sweet.