Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Praise that Steadies Me

Snow days again. The kids and I are all disappointed that there won't be CBS (Community Bible Study) tomorrow. I love the beauty of the snow outside and I enjoy the warmth of the fire my men make. . . and yet I'm eager for warmth and sunshine and outside time, too. "Never satisfied are the eyes of man" the Bible says, and I know it to be true of me. But I don't want it to be true and it doesn't have to be true. Rather, I would be satisfied in HIM, seeing His goodness and His gifts all around me and trusting Him for all that I need. Oh, that I would choose to PRAISE and give thanks instead of thinking about and asking for the things I want to be different!

R, G, and I at Monroe's Home
1261) The Lawyer and the boys cleaned out the big van to surprise me.
1262) T- SO joyful and excited about starting piano lessons today. His smile is amazing.
1263) Open mouth baby kisses.
1264) Family! Sweet to me to have my cousin come over. And I can ask her to help me at the last minute and she is amazingly gracious. Love that we live close.
1265) Fresh milk. The cow will soon have a calf to nurse, but for now we are the beneficiaries!
1266) Due dates... anticipation... wonder. (My sister was due this week with our newest nephew!)
1267) Sleeping in on snow days.
1268) The Lawyer has a day off of work because of the weather!
1269) Generous, sweet folk from church who offer to help drive kids and enjoy playing games with them.
1270) The refreshing Word. Reminding me of His faithfulness. Steadying a weary heart.

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