Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Oh, Gee

Graham, 15 months

I wanted to post about G when he turned one. Then, I thought 13 months was just as good. And then, 14 months passed and now we're into 15 months. . . and I'm still not quite sure what to say.

Love him. Love him. Love him. This boy is an incredible GIFT to our family and I love him.

He makes me tired (aka he keeps me up in the night so I can't get normal sleep). We've stopped nursing through the night, but he's decided he still wants to BE with me and will cry (exceptionally loudly) until I catch on to his ideas and comply.

He's still the loudest screamer in this house.

He reminds me of L; she cried when we put her to bed, when we went to get her up, when we put her in her car seat or high chair or stroller. . .  G is very much the same. I think there are similar (strong) personalities at work. This actually gives me great hope, because I remember one day when L was older and I realized that she had words and more abilities and she wasn't crying all those times anymore. I'm looking forward to that day with G.

H doesn't have words yet, beyond a Mama and Dada, but he's trying to get out the kids' names. So cute to see him working on that "O" and he has a really good "t, t, t" sound going.

Because of G, I feel I walk the house in circles: is the bathroom door closed? check. Potty lid down? check. Fireplace blocked off? Front door latched? Chairs pushed in around the table? At the same time I'm picking up pencils from the floor, stray little pieces and rainbow loom bands, and anything I'm afeared he'll destroy (which is virtually anything!). Constantly.

Even though our front "yard" is just mud, he wants to desperately to be out there. He hurries outside if the door is left open a crack. He'll play in his cozy coupe for awhile, but then head for the mud and quickly has his hands in it. He loves to look for dogs, squirrels, and birds on our walks; I can't walk for too long, though, because he has limited tolerance for the stroller.

The children still adore him. L comes to our room to get him nearly every morning when she wakes up (SO lovely!). Each of the big kids has a time with him during our morning school time and they all have favorite games they like to play with him. O has taken to putting G on his shoulders. T can make him laugh the fastest. R plays with him really well and M is learning how to play with a little brother. It's all very sweet and sometimes their patience with him and enthusiasm over him wins me over, too.

These days are passing by so quickly! Each one is a gift.

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