Sunday, February 23, 2014

or.. My Not-So Romantic

Three year olds say the craziest things. (warning: potty talk coming. Please ignore this post if you find potty talk distasteful, or if you are eating something!)

Today, I was in the restroom with M (3) at church. He had a serious look on his face as he made an effort to have a bowel movement.

"Mom," he said, "this is a hard doo-doo. It feels like screws coming out my bum."

"Oh no!" I exclaimed. "I hope you don't have screws coming out your bum!"

"Right," he quickly agreed. "Because screws would really hurt and make my bum bleed. And then they would all fall in the potty. I didn't eat any screws!" (he corrected me today on my quote.)

Oh my. I was so glad when that process was done!

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