Saturday, November 2, 2013

Oh, the Irony... and a Quick Update

If I had a photo for today, it would be the one The Lawyer sent to my phone of R, in a hospital bed, and not looking his best. Maybe it will make it on the blog one day. . . but not when there is this much life happening.

R is at Chippenham Hospital tonight with mastoiditis (sp? too tired to check!). Basically, he had a really bad ear infection that burst his eardrum and the bacteria infected his ear bones. Thankfully, his CT scan showed that the infection did not go into his brain, but was actually very near the surface. Because this is such a serious infection, however, he needs IV antibiotics and will need to be closely monitored for the next 24 hours. If, tomorrow afternoon when they draw blood, things look better (fever, drainage, white blood cell count, and pain level), he can come home and continue oral antibiotics. If thing are not improving quickly enough, he will stay another night at the hospital on the IV. If the ENT deems it necessary, they will perform surgery to help drain and clear out the infection.

Please pray with us for speedy healing and the antibiotics to do their job! Also pray that R can rest. He barely slept at all last night (nor me, with him!) and just a tad more than barely the preceding night. We are very, very tired.

The Lawyer is spending the night with R. I am home with the 5 others. Two of them are coughing tonight (new today). G has a runny nose and doesn't seem to be feeling well, either. L is feeling super sad about R. O is shouldering a lot as my right hand man.

The Lawyer also felt miserable this week and found out that he has an infection requiring antibiotics.

This morning, G managed to grab a wooden tool that was propping open our bedroom window. The window fell several inches, smashing his hand and my thumb. With the bruise on my thumb, I'm finding it hard to use- buttons and texting are especially difficult.

And our home phones aren't working.

Today were the last of the flag football games. R missed his. I missed all three, as I was in Lynchburg. The Lawyer missed O's.

This is the first time any of our children have been in the hospital (since O was born!). It hurt my heart not to be with R and The Lawyer. As I prayed and drove back from Lynchburg, my foot got heavy and I was pulled over by the state police. Mercifully, he gave me a warning and sent me on my way.

So thankful that my cousin lives here and is so willing to help out! She drove to the hospital and picked up T (6) and M (3), who had already put in quite a bit of time in the ER today. Then, she kept four while I went to the hospital to check in on everyone.

Many things to give thanks for tonight. And now, blessed sleep.

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