Monday, September 9, 2013

Even in the Blur, Give Thanks

So, you'll see that when life is extremely full my thoughts don't seem to make it onto the blog. Everything truly does blur together and I'm surprised to note that another week has passed.  I've not done well with intentionally listing my thanks, or of even paying attention lately. Mondays are so good for me, because I'm reminded of the importance of this, of weighing down the moments with thanks before they all slip away. Tomorrow will come quickly, with more dirt and more challenges. . . and more opportunities to see the good gospel.

Every Curtis enjoys a little dirt. Here is G, 9 months.

1191) I have the joy of walking with a 3 year old. He says things like, "I love the smell of truck" after a diesel pickup passes by.

1193) Watching a friend's teen play the bass in church yesterday caused me to grin- every time I looked up and saw him swaying and playing away "unto the Lord."

1194) Opening new books and smoothing blank paper and choosing a sharp pencil from the jar. These things don't happen but about once a year!

1195) Chocolate bean cake with sprinkles that L (8) just had to add.

1196) It pleases me to see T (6) take such pleasure in his new watch.

1197) There is dirt in the front "yard" again. We don't seem to keep grass well. This dirt, however, means that the kids have been playing outside a LOT. For the past two days they have been playing a lot of flag football- and having such a great time.

1198) There is a real sense of freedom and lightness to my heart as I leave the prison, after visiting my inmate friend. No matter my attitude when I arrive, I leave really feeling thankful for my life.

1199) Glorious fall weather; perfect September days that remind me of our wedding day... Warm, sunny days and cool evenings. . .

1200) Fellowship of believers. Even when I wasn't wanting to attend our Sunday night fellowship, I was surprised by the vulnerability of the women and the similar challenges we face and how good the gospel was to me again. I wasn't alone and it was good to have friends and I'm still savoring the gospel today.

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