Monday, August 26, 2013

EnJOYing More

Because I want our home to be a joy-filled home, I must be a joy-filled mama. I set the tone for the entire household, and it's no small thing to exude joy. I'll admit that I'm prone to point out the things that need to be improved upon, rather than celebrating things as they are, just because. . . because these are gifts. And I stumble, trip, stumble, trip. And I count blessings here, tonight and plan to count more tomorrow and the next day. When I focus on the blessings, they change my reality to something joyously wonderful. (Ann wrote about it much more eloquently today... a good read!)

M was so happy with his face paint.
1169) A three year old that just cracks me up. And pierces me with his tenderness. Yesterday, we saw some bucks in the woods near our neighborhood. M hoped to see them again, but got confused with "bucks" and "antlers." Instead, he said, "I want to see some butlers."

1170) As I tucked the little guy in bed, M said, "Mama, Let's talk about fruit." He then began an impressive and comprehensive litany of fruits. After naming all the berries he could think of, he moved on to melons. "Watermelons," he added, "and campalope."

1171) "Mama." M still calls me Mama and I love it and I've wanted someone to call me this and it just gets me when he does it.

1172) And then I look out the window today and see one of my lovely, decorative couch pillows. . . in the mud under the window. How does this happen? (Aforementioned cute 3 year old) I'm thankful that I saw it before more torrential rain . . . and, I have a great life with unexpected adventures.

1173) Birthday celebrations and how happy it makes my children. T (6) was so happy with his birthday breakfast pancake with The Lawyer and his gum. How wonderful that he enjoys such simple things so thoroughly.

1174) Gift of a glass water bottle from a friend. A simple thing (a hand me down, even) that made me feel loved and I love it.

1175) New books and sharp pencils and clean pages and that fresh, crisp fall feeling

1176) Space and time to breathe and to enjoy. Now that I've finally realized that it was summer. . . we are trying to squeeze in as many trips to the pool as we can. It's wonderful to read chapters of books aloud and to enjoy the kids' enjoyment at the pool and not to rush home.

1177) Five hours of sleep. So wonderful.

1178) Closed doors. We ask and look and do not see ways to move from this house or these circumstances. I'm so glad we are kept from things that would not be good for our family.

1179) Baby teeth! G (9 mo) just had his first two teeth pop out. Everyone celebrated and wanted to thrust their fingers in his mouth to confirm. Love these zealous kids, always ready to celebrate!

The Lawyer harvests basil and Swiss chard from our Tower Garden.
1180) First cherry tomatoes turning red and first butternut squash growing on our TowerGarden. Still amazing to watch something edible grow from seed to fruit.

Another rainy day leads to some indoor creativity.



Jennifer Dougan said...

Hi Callie,

What a fun swiss chard and basil tower. I have never seen this before. :) What fun.

Your lines "Because I want our home to be a joy-filled home, I must be a joy-filled mama. I set the tone for the entire household, and it's no small thing to exude joy." are so true. It's wise and something i strive for too.

Have a great day,
Jennifer Dougan

Ann K said...

Hello, Calli! Stopping over from 'Multiple Mondays'. Children definitely can give us a chuckle at that tender age, but there are also trying times. Seeking to keep a gratitude list helps us focus on (and often see) the positive we may otherwise miss. It does encourage us to have a joyful heart! I love all your family pictures at the bottom. Your family reminds me of the Von Trapp family from The Sound of Music!
Have a blessed week.
Ann @ Christ in the Clouds

Jennifer Dougan said...


Re your comment on my post "Forgotten Arts in a Swelterintg Underbelley Week... your line "Writing to bless" -- I like that! Thanks for dropping in.

Have a great week,
Jennifer Dougan