Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday Ten

Ten things that made me smile recently:

1) Gorgeous plants growing in our Tower Garden... eating the yummy lettuce leaves and so excited for all the greens!
2) Cleaning our house with water and norwex cloths. Love how simple it is. . . and how good it feels to have shiny windows and stainless steel and to see coffee disappear from the carpet.
3) Our favorite store dressing is Garlic Expressions. The kids like to eat the garlic at the bottom of the bottle. We all laughed when L said she would like to have some of the "garlic clovers."
4) M was intrigued by the unicorn card in our Kid's Sequence game. "Why does the horse have an ice cube?" he asked. He thought the horn was an ice cube on the horse's head!
5) Looking out the kitchen window is wonderfully refreshing on the eyes. For almost 2 years I've seen dirt out there and now we have a very lush looking front yard. (Thanks to our landlord!)
6) The baby laughs when his feet are tickled. It's so delicious. He also thinks that the kids are hilarious (when he is very tired) and his laughs make everyone else laugh, too.
7) Lemon Lime Basil-ade. A Vitamix recipe that is so light and sweet and tangy and good.
     1 lemon, peeled and seeded
     1 lime, peeled and seeded
     1/4 cup lightly layered fresh basil leaves
     1/4 cup (scant) honey or other sweetner
     4 cups ice
     water for consistency (I use up to 1 cup water)
8) M insisted that he wasn't really 3 until he "ate" his birthday. Once the pavlova was finished off, he agreed that NOW he is three.
9) Our friends who moved away three months ago visited this past weekend. It made me happy to see them again, to watch our kids enjoy each other, to be mutually encouraged.
10) The three littlest boys and I have been in the van together more than normal. They are loving the John Philip Sousa march on Beethovan's Wig 4. It cracks me up to watch them drumming and using pretend cymbals and bouncing around in our big van to the march.

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