Saturday, April 27, 2013

I Love to Learn!

Even though it's not such a big part of my daily life, I really do love to learn. I'm especially grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the JuicePlus+ Conference two weeks ago in Long Beach, CA. (It also was a wonderful opportunity to spend time with my sister and nieces!)

I've attended about 10 of these conferences over the past 7 years. It requires a lot of preparation and sacrifice, time and money. . . but The Lawyer and I believe that the investment is worth it. This was the third time I've attended a JP+ conference with a new baby, and believe it or not, I'm having a hard time distinguishing the conferences and the babies- they are all blurring together in my mind!

Usually, I take copious notes- pages and pages of them. This time, I had a beautiful conference booklet provided by nsa. . . that remained blank. During most of the sessions I stood in the back of the room with G in the Ergo. NSA provides a wonderful room for families and so I also spent time in the bean bags there, nursing G while watching the conference on a live feed. Oh, the things we do!

John Blair is one of my favorite corporate speakers, for many, many reasons. He is a brilliant man and has been with JuicePlus+ for a looooong time. The Lawyer and I have had some good conversations with him that lead us to trust him and also enjoy his fellowship. Here are a few things that he said on the opening night of the JuicePlus+ Conference. (Not because I wrote anything down, but only because Wendy Campbell made a message with her notes and I recognize these points that also struck me that night!) I'm not trying to push JuicePlus+ on anyone, but I get excited about learning these things.

56% of the calories consumed by Americans today are from sources that were non-existant in the past. (Is that scary or what!?)

Only 4.5% of the dollars spent on food are spent on fruits and vegetables. 17% are spent on refined grains and 14% on sweets!

Finally, people are getting the idea that whole food is the way to go (vs vitamins). JuicePlus+ is the pioneer in this field, and is the BEST! Annual growth of whole food supplements is up by 12% while vitamin growth is at 6% level. Most "whole food supplements" out there are supplements and do not have a nutrition label (FOOD label) like JuicePlus+ has.

JuicePlus+ has never had a product liability claim- ever. (read= safety) All of our products are non-GMO. The glycemic index of our Complete shakes is the same as broccoli.

One of our recent studies shows a 20% improvement in gum health in people who were receiving great treatment already. The researchers were so impressed that they are now doing a study on wound healing with wisdom teeth extraction.

Smokers could actually breathe better on JuicePlus+ (one of the newest studies). They felt the difference that the science proved was taking place.

And, John Blair said this about JuicePlus+: it"provides significant impact in an easy and affordable format."

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