Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Crazy Video of Romans 1

Please let me know if this comes through and if it is even worth having on here. I was experimenting with iMovie. What I wanted was a video for posterity of my boys (age 5 and 3) reciting Romans chapter 1. What I got was some crazy audio, some crazy video. . . my boys handing me lots of things, too much of me in the movie, and random conversations interjected in the discourse (like, "Can I have a purple chewie?" over and over). What I really want is God's word sewn into their hearts. I don't think the video can show that.

For some reason... I'm having technical trouble. Try this link, please? http://youtu.be/lzun0RfGoHc

1 comment:

Anne {Almost Home} said...

no video :( (I would love to know how you teach children to memorize something this long...I'm sure most people know the technique, but I do not!)