Monday, January 28, 2013

Two Month Thanks

Again, it seems easier to type my thoughts in random order than to try to pull together a coherent post. And, because it is Monday, I can also list things I am thankful for and add to my list of over 1000 gifts.
The two thumb sucking brothers. (O gave up his thumb 9 years ago!)

  • Sleep! G is only 2 months old and yet he has slept for over 8 hours each night of the past five nights. I'm not expecting this to last- it's so out of character for our children!- but it has been nice to sleep for consecutive hours. (1096) And I just looked back, and this was in last week's post, too... so maybe it has been a week of sleeping. Imagine! And even better, he seems to be doing great with nursing and seems satisfied and happy and is growing well. (1097)
  • Supply. Not only does God give us a big van, but we are trusting Him to provide the gas as well. And He does. (1098) We listened to this very thing on the Pineapple Story cds. How silly we are to think that God will only provide part of what we need!
  • Thumbs. G can consistently put his thumb in his mouth, which makes for a quiet and contented baby. . . which makes for a quieter, more peaceful household! (1099)
  • Tears. Sweet boy tears as we pray for friends who are moving away. I'm thankful for his tenderness and that we can cry together. (1100)
  • Breath! The Lord filled my lungs today and allowed me to breathe and to see my family and to smell the chickens roasting and feel the baby's soft head and to snuggle on the couch reading Beatrix Potter with my children. (1101)


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