Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Done with Downton

Yes... I should be done with Downton. I am almost embarrassed to admit that I do look forward to watching this (on Monday nights online). A friend introduced me to Downton last year and I loved it for its historical drama, for the Britishness of it and the period dress and the music. . .

But I'm rather disappointed in Downton about now. There are a few more episodes of season 3 left and I wonder if they are worth watching. I read Rachel's post tonight and though I am less articulate, can give a few reasons why I may not finish the videos.

  • Love Matthew. He used to be the one I could count on as choosing the high moral ground. He seems almost chivalrous. Now, I'm disappointed that he gives way to Mary and seems too quiet to be strong.
  • Disgusted- absolutely disgusted- by Thomas and Jimmy/James. I do not want to see any more of this drama. Hate that Downton has followed the trend of including these kinds of scenes.
  • Creeped out a bit and also confused by Bates' prison drama. I don't think I really understand what is going on there. I keep thinking that I must have missed a few scenes that would have helped me understand this. Seems very dark and dangerous and I never like these scenes.
  • Not sure, but I think there may have been a little nudge toward hospitals over home birth with this past episode and Lady Sybil's death. As a homebirth mom, I don't like seeing it portrayed this way. YES- sometimes we need to go to the hospital and sometimes we need a C-section.. but I don't think Sybil died because she was at Downton. She died because warning signs were disregarded.
  • Mary. Agh. I want to like her but so much of the time I don't. I don't like the way she treats Matthew (not a good model of being a help-meet to a husband!). I don't like the way she treats Edith (and can't believe her horrible statement by Sybil's bed that she didn't think they would ever get along!). She's likable because she seems strong. . . but is untrustworthy and lacks really softness.
  • Sybil's comment on religion in episode 3. Once again, I fear that Downton is going the way of American t.v. (which we don't watch) Sybil says she may know as much as a vicar and though she believes in God, she doesn't know about "all the rest." Glad she believes in God (even demons do!) and agree that what she calls "all the rest" doesn't really matter. But SO sorry that she couldn't have a real faith and hope. The tragedy isn't that she dies in childbirth, but that everyone is so hopeless in her death because they don't have Jesus!
  • Lord and Lady Grantham have had their disagreements and difficulties. Their tender moments have been endearing (such as when they are going to be parents again). Now, however, I am saddened that Lady Grantham is turning out her husband (even though I can understand her resentment). I can't expect better, but it would be so good to see an example of someone choosing to do HARD but RIGHT things.
  • Carson. He might be the character I like the most at this point. Reliable. Moral. Also protective and loving toward those he deems in his care. Or Anna. She hasn't done much to bother me (except loving a married man- but she didn't know it at the time). And I like Mrs. Hughes. So there are a few good characters still.

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