Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday Night

Here are the random thoughts at the day's close:

Haven't posted any pregnancy photos this time around- and only six weeks to go! Maybe I'll manage to get one up before baby arrives. I probably look the same as in all the other pregnancy photos- only older this time around. *smile*

Rearranged some of the furniture today- which is surprising because there really aren't many options in our small space. This rearranging made me happy, however. R rightly guessed that it was because I made it easier to get my "big body around things." Also organized cds and cleaned out some other bins with items to donate and consign.

No baby name yet. This is really stumping us. The Lawyer and I haven't agreed yet and I'm not sure either of us love our top three contenders. The Lord will either content my heart or give us some new ideas in this last quarter of the name game.

The boys love acorn wars. It makes me laugh to see them outside, hurling nuts at each other. The acorns are especially prolific this year and we are still started to hear them falling and bouncing off the roof and our vehicles. Really funny.

I don't see any way that I'll be ready to leave for IL in a few days. Packing (which means pulling out the REAL cold weather clothes), food preparations, cleaning, wrapping up school, tying up loose business ends. . . the list of things to do is almost laughable. And then I'll still need energy to stay awake for 18+ hours of driving! (Thank goodness we'll have a wonderful rest and visit with friends in KY!)

Tomorrow is CBS. Yes, I was a pool mom this summer, and now I'm a CBS mom! I was also a gymnastics mom for the past five weeks (L loved it!), and am currently a piano mom. These are more mom hats than I'm used to wearing, but they seem to fit right now. All might feel differently in November!

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