Monday, October 15, 2012

Photos of Life

I think the theme here is BIG equipment?

The kids and I drove from VA to KY on Thursday and then from KY to IL on Saturday. We've had marvelous time with friends and adventures picking apples, riding in a big rig, combine, tractors, and more- even with two rainy IL days!

L and good friend Ellie in KY
R watches Mr O ready the rig.
Mr. O took us for a ride in his truck! (Yes- we ALL fit!)

35 weeks expecting. . .
L and M IN the combine

O and R on TOP of the combine
M (2) asking if he can eat that apple.

T's perfect, red apple
T picking apples. There were plenty on the ground for the cows and plenty on the tree for us to take home and hopefully make applesauce with.

L and T picked out two pumpkins- the reward for the hundreds of pumpkins/gourds we planted this summer for Rob and Pattie's wedding.

O with his pumpkin.
O and Uncle Nate relax in the tractor and wait for more corn.
Grandpa and T stop the combine so that M and I can have a turn. T is very happy- he loved the ride and I think he ate a lot of Grandpa's treats, too.

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