Monday, September 24, 2012

What Brothers Do Best

This is what brotherly love looks like at our house, between O and R, who have always been best friends, and yet are very different boys:

R likes cars and can identify all kinds of trucks and cars from long distances, especially Mustangs and Corvettes. When he rides in the front seat I know our entire conversation will be about vehicles. He never seems to tire of asking me what my favorite car would be, even though I unvaryingly answer, "I don't really care about cars; sorry." He points out all makes and models as we pass them or they pass us and he asks me my thoughts. I try to sound enthused for him, even if I do only admire the color, because this is something that definitely has his interest.

O, however, is similar to me in that he doesn't share R's enthusiasm or identification skills. But he tries, sometimes. Tonight on the drive home, R was pointing out Mustangs, and O tried and failed several times. "There's one!" he would say, only to be corrected by R or The Lawyer. After O's fourth failed attempt, R sweetly asked, "So, O, do you think you can tell the difference between a Mustang and horsefly?"

It's easy to keep counting these gifts tonight:
1051) Brothers who can gently rib each other and keep right on loving
1052) Laughter in our house and in our vehicles
1053) Placenta placement. Ultrasound today confirmed there is no longer danger of placenta previa (which would mean an automatic c-section). Thank you, Lord!
1054) Gift of fruit... yummy grapes and oranges for hungry kids. Given unexpectedly by friends.
1055) A pedicure! This mama can't reach her toes so comfortably anymore and so a pedicure was an amazing, surprise gift. (thanks, Jody!)
1056) Weekend fun with friends... including good food and time to fellowship (JuicePlus+ Regional).
1057) Beautiful new pillows on our couch- thanks to the 13th anniversary gift of "textiles" from parents.
1058) Baby name lists the kids are making. . . T's include "Tate Ivan" and "Ike."
1059) Financial Freedom Seminar. Good, good, solid Biblical teaching that is encouraging our hearts and leading to great family discussions.
1060) More reasons to fervently pray: R's yucky tick bite and M's sudden cold and my migraine. . . oh, opportunities to trust Him!

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