Saturday, September 8, 2012

Savoring September- First Landing State Park

We are trying to have once/monthly outings as a family. As we haven't made it to the beach this summer, we decided to make a trip today. The kids were SO excited that I joked we should come at least twice a year just so that the excitement would be manageable. Poor O was ready to go at 7 (the time the kids and I thought would be good to leave this morning), but it took us a bit longer to get everything packed and us all on the road.

Today we went to First Landing State Park, part of Virginia Beach. The waves were small and the beach was strewn with horseshoe crabs. Still, it was lovely to walk over the dunes, to have the tall grasses as our backdrop and the bay/ocean before us. Though the weather was supposed to be overcast and very warm (89), it turned out to be amazingly beautiful by afternoon. Fluffy, white cumulus clouds parted to reveal brilliantly blue sky. The water sparkled blue and green and was invitingly warm. Our kids LOVED it and would return tomorrow given the option.

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