Friday, August 10, 2012

The Baby Belly Band

One of the great things about being pregnant again is that there are new, fun things to try for mama and baby. It really is amazing how many neat things can come out in just a few years (or 11 years!) time span. This just adds to the joy and adventure of expecting again.

This time around, my round ligaments began giving me pain early. When exercising, I especially had strong pains in my side that were difficult to relieve. My knowledgeable and sympathetic midwife recommended that I try a Baby Belly Band.

I like it! I really do! This long, stretchy black neoprene band has added comfort for my growing belly. (Think of the kind of black neoprene used to brace knees for sports.) I have less round ligament pain and fewer Braxton Hicks. I feel all snug around the middle where my well-used, weary muscles are not so tight anymore. The only drawbacks I see are so minor: I'm not always sure I like the way my clothes lay over the band, would prefer if it came in nude, and it can be rather warm during these hot summer days. But, seriously, everything feels warm on these hot summer days, and the comfort this affords is worth it.

I give the Baby Belly Band a rave review. To make it even sweeter, I found a small online discount (BBB20) for 20% off.

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