Thursday, August 2, 2012

Black Beans and Tater Tots

We had the blessing of receiving food from friends who were moving out of town. The kids and I arrived the night before they left so that we could say goodbye... and we left we a few bags of food from their fridge and freezer. This is one of my health-conscious friends, so I knew she had high quality items and things familiar to us- well, most of them.

She did give us a package of tater tots and one of french fries from her freezer. I made them on Monday and the table conversation went something like this:

T: "What are these?"
The Lawyer: "What?"
L: "These things. What are these?"
The Lawyer: "Tater Tots."
R: "But what are they?"
The Lawyer: "potatoes."
Me: "Kind of."
R: "Oh. I thought they were chicken."
T: "What are they?"
The Lawyer: "Tater tots."
L: "What are tater tots?"
The Lawyer: "These are tater tots."

And a few minutes later...
T: "I like tater tots!"
L: "Me too!"
R: "They are better than I expected."
O: "Can I have more?"
slight pause...
M: "What are these?"
The Lawyer: "French fries."
M: "What are french fries?"
here we go again. . .

And then we had friends over for a Healthy Friends Chocolate Night and I made Black Bean Brownies. I've made them once before, and it was fun to hear the kids offering them to our guests. Their comments:

"Would you like a Black Bean Brownie? They are the BEST!"
"Black bean brownies are my favorite!"
"Do you like beans? Then you'll like these."
"These don't even taste like beans, but they are really yummy!"
"These are chocolate AND beans. They are awesome."

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Kristi said...

Can you post/send the recipe for black bean brownies? We don't have black beans here, but maybe some similar small beans could work.

My parents said that they have been eating more beans and rice since their visit to Congo. :)