Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tantrums, Tears, and . . . Thanks

We are on farm time. Early mornings (kids generally up by 6:15 or so), busy days (without naps for some), late suppers, and later bedtimes. Lots of sunshine and fresh air, chasing animals and being chased to tucker us all out.

End result: very tired kids (and mama!)

And tears. Last night was especially late and M was being really difficult for me- tossing his dinner at his brother, spitting out food, running away from me when I called him, and falling down on the floor when it was time to put pajamas on. He was obviously relieved when I scooped him up with his blankie and carried him off to bed.

Upstairs, Boy 2 was crying because Boy 1 hit him in the head with a pair of underwear. Boy 1 was crying because Boy 2 was wearing his underwear. Boy 1 then dissolved in further tears because he can't find his underwear. We did pack 5 pairs per child and the mama is doing laundry daily, and yet at 9:30 p.m. there are breakdowns in what should be a good system. . .

Meanwhile, in the other bedroom Girl is claiming the bottom bunk which has heretofore been Boy 3's bunk. Boy 3 is sitting naked on the floor crying because Girl is in his bed. Girl insists that she must sleep on the bottom bunk that night because it's the softest, best bed there is. And Boy 3 woefully agrees and looks to me for justice.

And I'm tired. And it had been a day of tears for me, too, with hard conversations and sadness. When I finally had everyone settled and the house was dark, I journaled in the quiet and gave over the weariness of the day to the Lord. Then, I was drawn to give thanks, to move from self-pity to worship.

1016) Pregnant bellies and children excited to meet babies
1017) New house nearly ready
1018) Quiet hush of a house at night
1019) Big boys who help with dinner and siblings in the shower
1020) Roasted beets! Yum.
1021) Dirty bare feet (lots of "earthing" here!)
1022) Mrs. Carter- reminding me sweetly of my grandma
1023) Courageous- a great movie!
1024) Rows and rows of pumpkins and gourds (over 300 of them!)
1025) Wind and waves and rocking of the boat on the lake
1026) Boys faces alight as the boat takes off. . .

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