Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In Case You Love Kashi

You'll want to read this article I just read on Dr. Mercola's website.

I'll admit to being a "green" consumer. I like to make granola. I buy "healthier" products or make my own. I look for companies that are being environmentally and fiscally responsible and I'm especially irked by the confusion that results from misrepresentation on labels. When I'm trying to make good choices for our family it frustrates me that I can't actually know what is in something I (may) want to buy at the grocery store. I simply do not trust the companies that provide the grocery store food.

Kashi is a case in point. It looks like a health-conscious, eco-conscious company. But it's owned by Kellogg. I want to be able to choose a cereal off the shelf every now and again (and when it's on sale!) and Kashi looks like a good choice (from the aisle, where I'm doing a song and dance to keep a 2 year old in the cart and trying not to misplace my other four children).

Breakfast cereal and puffed grains are another post I'll save for later. This is not typical food in our house. You can find out why if you are curious.

SO... Kashi uses GMO soy in their cereal. And not just the soy is GMO. And if you looks at their shakes you'll be appalled. These ingredients are not "natural" and wholesome and healthy as we consumers are led to believe.

If we want natural, we'll have to know where our food is coming from.

Even then, there are some drawbacks. Kohlrabi is in season here in VA and today at Kroger I asked the produce manager if they would have kohlrabi in soon. He explained to me that he could get red or green kohlrabi on his next order from CA. . . and then it would be in the store by a week or so after he ordered it. Okay; it's nice that he'll order what I want- that's quite a luxury. STILL! I can go to the market on Saturday and hopefully buy kohlrabi that was just taken from the ground that morning. It seems so very wasteful to me to spend the money to ship kohlrabi from CA to Kroger in Midlothian when we have it here already.

Sheesh. These things are troubling!

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