Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gorgeous Garden- Solution!

Here is our family's solution to the food procuring problem! This is the JuicePlus+ TowerGarden and we love it.

These photos are a few weeks old. We planted our state-of-the-art aeroponic garden in April and are now eating lettuces, chard, herbs, beans, and cucumber from it. Our tomatoes have grown exponentially in the past week and we are ready to start another round of lettuces. Our mint grew so crazy that I had to cut it in half this week!

The kids love this. They are always checking for new flowers and measuring growth. They walk by it and pick leaves off to eat. Really, our family could use two of these to supply us with enough for meals. For now, we're having a great adventure in growing. AND it's lovely! And the sound of it is wonderfully soothing (it's the fountain I always wanted!).

I love this because I know where our food is coming from and what is on it and what is in it. It feels so good as a mom to feed my family well and to know that I'm giving them the food they were designed to eat. Yum!


TowerGarden with crazy mint on far top

gorgeous, delicious lettuce mix

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