Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cover in Your Garden

Our family watched this inspiring movie last weekend. Back to Eden opened our eyes to the importance of covering the earth and looking at creation to see how to follow the Creator (as pertains to growing food). We were so encouraged and excited by this; it has us itching for our own land where we can plant and grow. (Thank goodness we have a TowerGarden here at our rental home!)

The boys have made lists of plants we would want in our gardens- and the list is exhaustive! O even put cabbage on (his least favorite) and L agreed to asparagus (for everyone else's sake). Plus, our desire for chickens has grown. We saw in the movie how beneficial it was to have chickens to feed plant waste to and how helpful chicken waste was in the garden. This was coupled with our trip to Lynchburg last week where we visited dear friends who have several acres- and chickens. The kids loved gathering eggs with their friends and watching the chickens scratch in the dirt. Several egg loving boys were enthused by the experience.

So... we wait and plan and pay off loans and pray for the Lord to lead us to our own place.

If you have a little time, be inspired by Back to Eden!

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