Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Real Food Night

This week I hosted an exciting "Real Food" night. We used the JuicePlus+ Live Life to the Plus booklets and when we came to "consuming more whole foods and less processed foods," a local farmer shared a few minutes on their family's vision for providing green-fed meat and dairy products to the local community (with an emphasis on green!). We then discussed the importance of consuming lots of fruits and vegetables in our diet and watched a JuicePlus+ dvd.

The evening ended with questions and answers and great feedback. (I think there were many of us who were wishing we could move our family to a farm!) Everyone tried delicious JuicePlus+ Complete shakes (cherry vanilla or chocolate with peanut butter and banana) as well as red, green, and purple chewies. Thanks to Joy, they also left with raw milk. It was a wonderful evening and I was excited again about connecting farms with families and encouraging and empowering others to eat local (even as local as their own Tower Garden!).

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