Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On Blogging

As there has been an obvious lack of posting in recent months (at least to me), it's time for me to wax philosophical again in attempt to explain myself.

I tend not to post much when:
a. I'm not sure I have anything fun/exciting/interesting/helpful/spiritual to say
b. I'm not sure I have the most positive things to say (and best keep my thoughts to myself and pray for reformation of my soul!)
c. There is so much going on that I'm not sitting down for 5 consecutive minutes in a day
d. I spend my 5 "free" minutes checking other blogs for inspiration and then really don't think I have anything to say
e. all of the above

And YET (aren't there always yets on this blog?)! I find the reason I enjoy blogs is that they inspire me. Take an ordinary, everyday kind of woman like myself, let her write about the stuff in her life and a few of the things she is passionate about will rise to the surface and shine. She is invariably really good at something. I learn a lot from some really good blogs.

My error is in thinking that all of a life can shine. On a blog you can highlight the things going well and the things you are excited about and you can gloss over the laundry and broken relationships and weeds growing out back. What makes a great blog, in my opinion, is one that I read and find inspiration in (and it might only be inspiration in one life area) and also see some weaknesses. Every good character is flawed, right?

I often don't feel very inspiring and my flaws seem too obvious.

And YET that's what makes blogging so interesting to me. I don't see my life as exemplary, but I do have a great life! And maybe through the ins and outs of my days there will be inspiration to someone, just as so many other "ordinary" people are inspiration to me.

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