Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cacophonous Thanks

There was an evening last week when I thought to myself, "I have a great life. And if it gets any greater I may have to go take a long walk by myself."

I think that was about the time that M(21 mo) pinched his fingers in the bifold laundry doors, which followed T's (4) tears after an "accident" with his brothers... which happened while I was cleaning up a mess in the bathroom from M. . . during which there was a heated argument in the dining room between two siblings while The Lawyer washed dishes and R (8) talked his ear off in the kitchen. Oh, yes. This is normal around here. And it's great. What a lovely, cacophonous life we lead.

And I'm thankful for these voices and these troubles and these accidents. It means I'm alive! Feeling and being and messing up and receiving mercy... loving and hurting and experiencing deep joy.

916) M snuggles into bed and says, "Nigh, nigh, Mama. Cozy."
917) We dropped off some borrowed items and received spinach and apples and tomatoes- just the right things to feed my family a few more meals until the new month's paycheck came through.
918) Free haircuts and good fellowship with other moms.
919) THESE amazing photos of sand! Amazing. Blow-my-mind awesome.
920) God-breathed Scripture.

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