Monday, January 23, 2012

On Robber Flies and Grace Moments

Well, R (8) did it again. His Science narration last week was, well, creative. And although creative wasn't what I was going for, it apparently worked for him. The Lawyer and I could barely suppress our laughter when we asked him WHY his narration was incomplete. Here is what he wrote:

"A robber fly is a carnivorous bug. It waits outside a bee hive and when a bee comes out of the hive the robber"

He looked at us frankly and said, "It is finished; it's from the bee's point of view."

For this, I give thanks! For these small, happy moments.
902) R's sense of humor
903) O's attention to detail and careful arranging of our Ottoman tents around Vienna
904) L's amazement when I put M&Ms in our shopping cart tonight. I haven't purchased these in so many years I can't even remember. She was shocked and kept saying, "Mom. I just can't believe this is our cart."
905) M's word choices. He shot out of the potty recently (my fault!) and commented, "Oops! Rainbow. Mommy clean it."
906) T's loud enthusiasm. Yesterday he said, "We should do that tomorrow... because tomorrow is going to be a GREAT day!:
907) Sunshiny yellow flowers from a friend brightening our kitchen and raising my spirit.
908) Yummy ranger cookies and an entire bag full in the freezer!
909) A few dollars left in the grocery envelope still (a miracle!).
910) Finding a source for 50# of oats.
911) Giving a gift and hearing that it was one that deeply encouraged a friend.
912) Receiving a generous gift with humility and much emotion.
913) Children begging for more poems at lunchtime
914) A day without having to wash sheets!
915) Library books awaiting pick up.

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