Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Thanks

Let's count the reasons why I've not been posting and I'll count these as giving thanks for they are all GOOD reasons that I've not been sitting up late on the computer.
837) Family visiting for Thanksgiving, making the long drive from IL . . .
838) Hugs, game nights, book reading, conversations over dishes
839) A cousin sleep over
840) Many trips to the "potty" with the 18 month old wearing underwear
841) Raking leaves (a "chore" that I enjoy thoroughly!)
842) Cooking! Potatoes, soups, stuffing, breads, pizza, pies. . .
843) Preparing and storing food- the gift of wheat from the farm and venison from their freezer and beef roasts for the chilly nights to come
844) Book reading with boys, with L, in bed with The Lawyer. . . always books . . .
845) Christmas preparations: hanging greens, lighting candles, hanging Jesse Tree ornaments, choosing gifts, lingering long in the evenings

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