Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Slowing Down to Savor

Monday was two days ago and the gratitude list on my fridge is for August even though October is only a few days away. The school work spills over past 3 p.m. and I wonder where the day went (even though I know full well where it went!). And the sun sets and the moon shines and the alarm is going off again in the quiet of a new morning. I've been lax in listing the gifts around me; lax in thinking about these things long enough to write them down. If I don't think on them I can not weigh down the moment and the moments flash away. But as I pause and ponder and write. . . I savor. I savor grace and goodness and weigh down these moments with happy fullness and thankful contemplation.

766) The green smell of the woods
767) Butternut squash
768) Apples fresh from the orchard
769) Baby molars poking through
770) "Can someone please wIIIIIIIIIIpe me?" sung from the bathroom
771) A surprise day off for The Lawyer
772) Recipe searching with L
773) Birthday excitement
774) Perfect pecans (I never knew what they looked like whole!)
775) Children drawing lions
776) Turtles in the lake
777) M's new words: nine, ten, L. . . booK (very clearly!)
778) Girl twirling my hair at bedtime as we talk
779) Chocolate chips in the freezer
780) Ropes and knots and scraps of wood and a birdhouse. . .

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