Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our IL Farm Life

We are still in IL, enjoying family and friends and the farm life that I loved (without even knowing how blessed I was) as I grew up.

This place runs deep in me. When I head out for an early morning jog (once or twice!) or take M (1) for a walk with the stroller down the road I catch the scent of the fog over the creek and a million stalks of corn growing and the Queen Ann's Lace by the roadside and the black earth and the green things and the expansive blue sky. . . and my spirit feels a little more RIGHT, like a homecoming of sorts- a taste of heaven in that it is like a memory and a looking-forward-to all at the same time.

Deep in me I know this place and being here puts something in me back in its place. It's difficult to put into words. Maybe you'll see it in my dad as he talks about the farm.

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