Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On Moving. . .

The plot thickens as the conflict intensifies- with only a few days left until we have to be out of our Lynchburg house!

As of today:
Mom arrived safely! We are all so glad she is here.

The Midlothian house will not be available to us until Friday morning- at the earliest. (Instead of last week.) I had hoped to leave (a reasonably organized house) for IL with Mom and the kids on Friday. . . We are grateful, however, that many needed repairs are being completed.

We will still (Lord willing!) load our truck tomorrow afternoon. Unfortunately, because of the timing we don't have much help available. We'll have the same issue on the Midlothian end on Friday morning.

The Lawyer is having his most grueling week of lawyerly things to do for the Attorney General. Taking off a day or two or three for a move is really stretching him thin and he is feeling it.

And so... the difficulties continue... with the great anticipation of being a family reunited.

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