Monday, May 9, 2011

A Real BangUp Weekend

(And why I'm glad I have a daughter!)

What a weekend! We hiked Crabtree Falls again, and this time made it to the top (which was The Lawyer's chief objective).

On this trip the big boys fell into the falls at the top and were drenched with the cold water. They were adequately frightened as the water pulled them down the rocks- especially as we had been talking much about the number of people who have died at the Falls by climbing on the rocks which are slippery with a clear algae.

T (3) fell down several times on the hike, once at the top which resulted in a cut and bleeding lip. He carried a tape measure with him and dutifully measured most of the tree trunks that were cut beside the trail.

M (1) rode happily- mostly- in the Ergo and I am SO glad for this carrier. It's the best!

The Lawyer cut his wrist on a nail this weekend which required a tetanus shot and medicine.

And sweet L (6) is near and dear to my heart as the girl gave me at least 5 Mother's Day cards she created.


Rebecca said...

Happy Mother's Day yesterday!!

calli said...

Thank you!