Monday, May 9, 2011

Gratitudes Small and Large- All Gifts!

596) Phone conversations with friends- just because they are friends.
597) Surprise offers of blessing (not house offers, though!).
598) Peonies!
599) Swinging.
600) Sweet sleeping baby face.
601) Oh-so-sweet and delicious strawberries, warm and juicy, straight from the field.
602) The soft whir of blades on the lawnmower that I love.
603) Seeing people I know all around town as I run errands; such a sense of community is very satisfying to me.
604) Chocolate goat cheese truffles. . . and honey, lemon lavender spread . . . wow.
605) Making it to the top of the falls- as a family- and all seven of us returning.

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