Monday, April 11, 2011

Little Somethings

Elisabeth Elliot said, "Lord, glorify yourself through me and in the place You've set me. Let me not covet another's place or work or glory."

This work and this day were apportioned for me. It was all a gift- from the first breath to these last quiet moments of reflection. I'm so grateful for this place and this work, for I see these gifts all around me:

536) New cookware coming! 50% off! Free shipping! New Knives!
537) Another soccer game; sitting in the grass with the children, eating popcorn, cheering for O.
538) Phone call from The Lawyer; missing him so much after just a day.
539) L's excitement at her upcoming birthday; cheerful speculation on cakes and ice creams and gifts. . .
540) Our first nephew! Welcome Lleyton! Warm baby feelings well up inside..
541) Boys mowing the yard and figuring out how to replace the string in the trimmer.
542) M's first claps. I love all the firsts of the first year!
542) Unbelievable beauty of the dogwood out front.
543) Faith words right there in the Word- for me.
544) The finicky printer that worked this morning when I needed it to.
545) Older ladies to learn from.
546) Lilac blooms on the yellow table; my grandmother's favorite on her table. The scent is so amazing that it stops me.
547) Clean sheets off the line.
548) Picnic lunch on the front grass!
549) The smoothest, creamiest, most delicious, healthy shake (Strawberry Mango Complete).
550) Deep red of blood, reminding.

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