Monday, March 21, 2011

Thanks for Spring

Cannot lay my head down until I list thanks. . .
501. That tulip tree across the street
502. The forsythia in the backyard
503. Under the weeping cherry tree
504. Tiny helicopters on the tree down the street
505. Hyacinth and daffodils and irises. . .
506. The car we didn't get.
507. The house that hasn't sold.
508. The friends who still loan their futon.
509. The three way call tonight; sisters in Christ encouraging one another in the journey.
510. Clean smell of Thieves cleaner.
511. T's full smile when he does something he knows makes me happy.
512. Baby babbles. . "nanana"= no no.
513. The Lawyer's hard work on the budget.
514. New friends- despite me!
515. God's provision of clothing- just one day after I begged Him.
516. The Lawyer sending me to bed- on the phone, across the miles.
517. The unsearchable mystery of grace.

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