Sunday, March 6, 2011

School Art- Circles

I'm not much for school art projects, but I saw this great idea on Planted by Streams and copied it. (Loved that it only involved crayons and watercolors!) She has lots of great ideas and I'm perfectly content to just do a little bit of what she is doing. Maybe I'll do more when I don't have a nursing baby and a husband two hours away.


Cheryl said...

Calli ~

Crying...that's what I'm doing reading your blog. = ) ..."joyful willingness to do humble work without gain or appreciation." (E.Elliot)...WOW! I love Elizabeth Elliott...this quote is so powerful to me I cannot even begin to say...

I think I may have found a truly kindred spirit. I look forward to visiting often, Calli. Please come by and visit me when you can.

Mother of of 5.

Peace of the Lord ~

Jennifer said...


Thanks so much for linking back to me. I loved visiting here... your blog is beautiful.

So, I see you are from Lynchburg and I would love to ask you a few questions. My husband is looking at a job in Lynchburg. I would love to hear how you have liked living there (I see you are preparing to move). What is the homeschool community like? How long have you lived there? And do you live in town or out a bit? We visited last week for a day, so I have a bit of knowledge about the town.

I would really appreciate any info you could provide me about life there. Thank you!