Friday, March 4, 2011

Kicked the Ear Infection

The great news is that we have been ear infection FREE for about a month now. It was my prayer that we could come up with some solutions for M (10 mo now) and avoid putting tubes in, if possible. Even though tubes are very normal here in the U.S. , the rest of the world isn't jumping to the conclusion that tubes are best/necessary. Therefore, we opted to try many different things before seeing the ENT. Some of these I think were really helpful:

1) Waiora. Drops that I put in his ears each time he nursed. I also gave a few orally each day. Even though I can't explain exactly WHY this helps, I really do think it was the big gun for us.
2) Elderberry. In the form of JuicePlus+ Vineyard blend. This helps reduce tissue inflammation.
3) Probiotics. These friendly gut bacteria lead to greater health overall and an improved immune system to fight infection. I also feel this is crucial if antibiotics are being used, as they will replace the good bacteria being killed off by the "medicine."
4) Bromelain. Pineapple is in the orchard JuicePlus+. Again, it reduces inflammation and aids healing. I increased M's JuicePlus+.
5) Thieves oil to fight infection and other oils used to soothe.

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