Monday, February 28, 2011

Debris of Life

Another week is taking off and once again, I tell myself that we're going to make it. The goals are simple: first things first. First grace and JOY and contentment and love. Then everything else.

And it's easy for me to become distracted by all that is going on. Even now, in the calm of the evening, there are things around me, reminding me of all the life taking place here. And I'm pausing to be grateful for all of it.

474. Quiet hum of the refrigerator
475. Dark blue storm clouds rolling in
476. Coming upon M, standing it the pack'n'play; the look of delight when he sees me
477. Broken glasses- and that quiet moment with R (7) when there was grace and it was good
478. Borrowed grain mill sitting on the counter- the anticipation of fresh bread tomorrow
479. Pot of minestrone in the fridge; an easy lunch! And so good for us.
480. Box of crayons on the counter- reminding me of L's (5) airplanes and poems and drawings of our family. Amazingly, artistically inspired.
481. Deep gouge in the floor where R dropped the mixer- a reminder that we all do life around here, rolling up our sleeves and chipping in and getting it done.
482. Empty laundry basket; today's laundry done and returned.
483. Green glow on the dishwasher; a job I don't have to do tonight. Knowing the clean dishes will be waiting in the morning, constancy.
484. Magnolia and holly at the front door- lovely green and red given by a friend.
485. Handiseat at the table; M is really getting big! And the borrowed booster ready to return.
486. Blankets strewn on floor and sofa and couch from our book time before bed.
489. Reports, papers, calculator on counters; end of the business month.
490. Pitcher of water (with lemon oil!) in its usual place on the counter; R's service of love for me.
491. Bibles, memory verses, school papers, pencils, shoes, books. . . debris of life.

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Linda said...

Hi Calli,
I'm here from Ann's. It is so encouraging to share these gratitude lists. You have a beautiful family, and your list is wonderful. I love it that you find beauty even in the hard things.
It is so nice to meet you.